As a Chicago native, I take deep pride in not only representing, but advocating on behalf of this city. As a product of Chicago Public Schools I was afforded both a quality education and introduction to Chicago’s vibrant and ever-present diversity. I grew up on the city’s SouthWest side (Little Village, Garfieldridge, & Pilsen), whose Mexican identity allowed me to be introduced to some of the best food in the city.

In my future profession, I seek to work for a company that strives to be both a source and advocate for others in local government, that is center around multimedia storytelling. This would create a space for residents and elected officials to understanding and share how public policy and government affects their lives. Through this dialogue, I hope to improve accesabiltiy, engagement, and restore trust in politics. It is through my versatility in various mediums that I hope to achieve this goal.

As I prepare to graduate this spring with a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism from Loyola Chicago, I want to thank and recognize the sacrifices my parents continue to make for me as their faith in me is felt everyday.

My curiosity is Chicago’s public school system was initiated through my Mother, who has been a CPS teacher for over 15 years and would recount her day . Growing up she would recount her day . Entering Walter Payton I was now in a position that afforded me opportunities to direct my curiosity in not only better understanding but finding ways to educate others on Chicago’s public education system. Beyond my roles as Editor of the Payton PawPrint I was a student organizer and advocate against mass budget cuts that would predominately affect Chicago Public Schools whom had majority low-income and minority students.

Quoted Mentions

I had the honor to address over 6,000 CTU members in a November 2015 rally at Grant Park.

Payton Paw Print

As editor-in-chief for the Payton PawPrint – Walter Payton College Prep’s student newspaper, I focused on local politics and education. I had the opportunity to interview various Chicago Public School board members including Jaime Guzman and then Vice-president and now Illinois Deputy Governor Jesse Ruiz. My coverage included numerous City Club of Chicago, City Hall, and CPS board meetings, including dozens of community events. My coverage earned four McCormick Foundation Journalism awards in Spring 2016.

Substance News

During the 2015-2016, Matthew briefly wrote about the role student organizing plays in Chicago’s quest for quality public schools. Link