News Reels

During my time at the NBC Midwest Bureau, I had the opportunity to have hands-on experiences anchoring. Below are a few takes of the stories.

Script writing samples

Below are samples of broadcast scripts during my time at Loyola University. Scripts were written to interviews and Audacity software was used for editing.


Package 1

Package 2

Click here to download these files.

Videos edited using Adobe Premiere

In March 2020, I had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico with Loyola University to and learn from Waves Ahead & Sage Puerto Rico. Nonprofits that work with LGBTQ+ older adults providing mental health and housing modalities. I created content for these organizations to use to draw awareness of their efforts in Puerto Rico.

Click the photo above for the video.

Below is my first ever podcast to accompany this piece tackling the issues surrounding Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, transphobia, and homelessness.

Click picture

National Museum of Mexican Art Supports Local CPS Schools

Below is the link to my video about a fundraising event for Galileo Scholastic Academy sponsored by the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Firenze Street food was a local business profiled. Footage was captured at their French Market location. View here

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